Chief Executive Officer - EllGeo Re

At EllGeo Re since 2018, Jean-Alain Francis brings knowledge and experience amassed in the insurance and reinsurance industry since 1994. A career that he considers rewarding and enjoyable, and which has taken him from Mauritius through to the African continent, and further up to Europe.

He is a Chartered Insurance Broker, FCII (UK), and an MBA holder, and considers that he keeps learning by the day. He is eager to drive EllGeo Re to the next level by extending its reach to larger parts of Africa, where opportunity abounds. For Jean-Alain Francis, job satisfaction comes from being able to create value for all stakeholders: clients, partners, society, and very importantly, the people whom he works with, if he is helping them to fulfil their personal growth aspirations.

People may think he is always serious, but he is a fun-loving and compassionate person, always up for a good cheer wherever he is. Above everything else, Jean-Alain Francis is a family man who loves to spend time with his close ones. Passionate about art, he loves to see creativity at play, be it in design, ideas, and leisure.

Besides, he feels the world would be a better place to live in if we could together work towards the advancement of the following causes: the alleviation of poverty, the protection of the environment, and the empowerment of women in society.



5th Session - Panel Discussion

''Towards economic independence: Developing a blueprint for African reinsurers to fund development projects'' 

Panelists :

  • Steve Oluoch – CEO, MNK RE – Kenya.
  • Fola Daniel – MD/CEO – FBS Ltd, Nigeria.
  • Lety Endeley - Central Director, Non-Life for International Markets - CICA RE.
  • Jean Alain Francis – CEO, ELLGEO RE, Mauritius.
  • Habib KARAOULI - Chairman & CEO,CAP Bank