Mr. Steven Oluoch

Chief Executive Officer -MNK Re, Kenya

Steven Oluoch is currently the Chief Executive and Principal Officer of MNK Re Kenya Ltd.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Nairobi and a Global Executive Master Degree in Business Administration from USIU in collaboration with Columbia University, New York. Professionally, he is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London and is a Chartered Insurer.

Steven’s vast experience in the insurance sector spans 36 years having worked at three regional reinsurance companies, namely Kenya Reinsurance Company where he commenced his career as a management trainee in 1983, PTA Reinsurance Company (ZEP-RE) and Tanzania National Reinsurance Corporation Ltd (TAN-RE). Steven rose through various ranks to the position of Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of TAN-RE in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania between 2007 and 2010, before returning to Kenya to join the ICEA LION Group.

As a former CEO, Principal Officer and Director of ICEA LION General Insurance Company Ltd from 2012 to 2020, Steven also served on both the boards and board committees of 7 other ICEA LION Group and affiliated companies. As a result, and in addition to his previous long reinsurance practice and management experience gained invaluable learning and hands-on experience in the management of non-life insurance operations, life assurance company operations, asset and fund management and investment operations, pensions administration and trustee services operations in all the three East African countries.

At continental level, Steven was appointed a member of the Executive Committee of the African Insurance Organisation (AIO) in May 2016 and appointed by Kenya to represent the entire Eastern Africa region. He also served during that period of time and continues to serve to date as a member of the Editorial Board of the (AIO) Journal. At regional level, Steven served as a member of the Board of the Organisation of Eastern & Southern Insurers (OESAI) which draws its wide membership from the COMESA and SADCC regional economic blocs, and which has a permanent secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya. At local industry level prior tom his formal retirement from ICEA LION Group towards the end of 2020, Steven was an active member of the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) and a member of the AKI Board. During his tour of service at AKI, Steven served as the Convener and Chair of the Statutory & Legal Committee and also as an active member of two key AKI        Committees - the Secretariat Affairs & Investment and the Statutory & Legal Committees.